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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Your Hours Of Operation?

Starkey Ranch ER & Hospital is always open, even on holidays, 24/7, 365 days of the year. No appointments necessary.

What Kind Of Emergencies Do You Treat?

Starkey Ranch ER & Hospital treats a full range of medical emergencies. As a full-service specialty-hospital, we can diagnose and treat anything from a rash to a heart attack. We also treat physical trauma and injuries including industrial and automobile accidents.

Do You Provide Care For Babies And Children In Addition To Adults?

Starkey Ranch ER & Hospital treats patients of all ages, from infants to elderly adults. We pride ourselves on being “child friendly” and even have a special exam room designed to help put our younger patients at ease.

How Much Is A Visit At Starkey Ranch ER & Hospital?

It depends entirely on your condition, and all patients receive a complimentary basic medical screening. Please visit our insurance page for more details.

What If I Need To Be Admitted To A Larger Hospital For Further Care?

We offer many inpatient hospital services. In the event you need to be admitted to a larger hospital for additional care, Starkey Ranch ER & Hospital will transfer you to the hospital you choose, or one that your primary care physician or medical specialist prefers. Our staff is also able to initiate the transfer so that you go directly to an inpatient room and can bypass the hospital’s emergency department.

Do You Have An Onsite Diagnostic Lab?

Yes, our diagnostic lab is both CLIA and COLA certified. These tests are processed onsite, so we can get you the results while you wait.

Do You Offer Radiology Services?

Yes, our Radiology Department is equipped with modern medical equipment including an X-ray machine, CT scanner and bedside Ultrasound equipment. Patients are given written radiology reports along with CDs so that they can follow up with primary care physicians or specialists if needed.

Can I Come To Starkey Ranch ER & Hospital If I Don’t Have Insurance?

Yes, Starkey Ranch ER & Hospital makes patients’ emergency medical needs a priority. After the free basic medical screening if you are deemed “non-emergent” by our certified emergency physician and do not have health insurance you will have the option of choosing a cash-pay plan to pay for your visit.

What Part Of My Bill Am I Responsible For?

You will be asked to pay your emergency room copay at the end of your visit. All other responsibilities will be billed after your insurance processes your claim. Starkey Ranch ER & Hospital does not balance bill. Please remember that an EOB from your insurance is not a bill from Starkey Ranch ER & Hospital.

How Is My Emergency Visit Processed With My Insurance Provider?

A claim will be sent to your insurance carrier for processing. Your insurance provider determines how your claim is processed. Tyvan Billing will work with your insurance and on your behalf to ensure your claim is processed correctly.

Starkey Ranch ER & Hospital accepts cash payments, checks, or major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and Discover.
 Click here to pay your bill online.

To learn more, visit our Billing & Insurance page.

What If I Have Trouble With My Insurance Company?

State law requires all emergent services to be reimbursed by your insurance carrier. If your insurance company refuses payment for your emergency room visit, please contact our billing department Tyvan Billing at (713) 357-2535. 

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